How it Works

WundaSmart reduces the impact of rising energy prices with WundaSmart Heating Controls. Only heat the rooms you use, and you could save on your heating bills. Individual room thermostats control the amount of heat a radiator emits to ensure the set temperature is reached and maintained efficiently - you never waste energy by over-heating a room.

One centrally located thermostat cannot take into account individual room characteristics such as size of windows, south or north facing, external walls or insulation which can all impact heat losses. The only way to accurately and efficiently maintain a desired temperature is to measure and monitor the temperature in each room. It’s easy to set and schedule the heating using the WundaSmart app and instantly switch individual rooms On or Off.   

  • Using the quick and easy WundaSmart app you can control each individual room from anywhere in the world.

    Control from anywhere in the world

    Control from anywhere in the world, to make sure you’re not heating an empty home

  • Hot water control

    Turn off your hot water control when you’re not at home

  • Automated Open window mode

    Will turn off the heating if it senses your temperature has dropped by more than 0.6 degrees

  • Automated geo-fencing

    Turns off your heating and schedule when you’re out, turns back on when you come home

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The Primary Focus

The primary focus of WundaSmart is to produce excellent energy saving multi-room heating controls. Unlike other companies, we have no interest in collecting and analysing data in the cloud. With this in mind, WundaSmart is not reliant on cloud storage or servers and will still work even if the internet goes down. This also means your data is safe and secure in your own WundaSmart HubSwitch. WundaSmart uses a unique RF signal and will work far beyond any WiFi or Zigbee signal, making it suitable for any property without range issues.


WundaSmart is as quick and easy to install as any standard external thermostat or boiler programmer, no specialist knowledge is needed. We do not install, and recommend you use a professional to help install the HubSwitch to your boiler. It is simple to use and works with any boiler. It is unique in the way it can be configured to control up to 4 heating channels!