“Wundasmart heating delighted our GHI testers. An effective and versatile smart system that is easy to use, provided by a friendly and professional company”
-- Good Housekeeping Institute


Smart, Simple & Snoop Free

Optimise your home heating by installing a WundaSmart system.

WundaSmart heating controls reliably gives you the best control, comfort and convenience without sacrificing your privacy.

All your settings and data are stored safely using bank level encryption in your system, you don’t need any repeaters and the system even works if the internet goes down and is accessible in your home via your WundaSmart App.

Why choose WundaSmart?

The wireless WundaSmart thermostat cooperates with the WundaSmart radiator heads to cover the whole room and meet your needs quickly and efficiently.  The Zoning system can be applied to the whole house with our easy to use set up.
Support when you need it 6 days a week from the Wunda Group.

What Makes WundaSmart Different?

Using the quick and easy WundaSmart app you can control each individual room from anywhere in the world.

WundaSmart Control from anywhere

Even if your internet fails - WundaSmart won't!

The WundaSmart app makes controlling your heating and hot water easier than ever - whether you have 3 rooms or 30!

Control up to 30 rooms with perfect WundaSmart zoning.

Multi Room

Control and schedule up to 30 rooms with perfect WundaSmart zoning. You can include temperature and humidity monitoring.

Pre defined Temperatures

Quickly pick pre-defined temperatures. Single touch changes from Off, Eco, Comfort and Comfort+ for those colder nights.

7 day Schedules for Every Room

The app offers 7 day scheduling with copy/paste abilities. You can schedule rooms individually or coy/paste schedules from room to room or from one day to another. Plus you can create up to 48 events on any day.

Why WundaSmart Will Never Let You Down

  • WundaSmart no need for signal boostesr with seeker signal
  • Works without the internet using RF technology
  • Data privacy is at the heart of the WundaSmart system
  • WundaSmart industry leading guarantees
  • WundaSmart UK customer services 6 days a week
  • Take the WundaSmart system with you when you move home

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The best, the fastest, the cheapest. Professionals are dealing with your project. Many thanks

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Euro Flow Plumbing

Fast efficient service very helpful have use these a few times before with no problems

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Andy Wilson

Fantastic service from everyone at wunda Above and beyond service every-time Thanks guys

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Nicholas Cowley
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