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Will WundaSmart just replace a single thermostat?

WundaSmart can easily replace you current thermostat(s) in your home.

If you'd liked you could use the WundaSmart HubSwitch and a thermostat to control each heating circuit, much like many other Smart Heating Controls.

However, WundaSmart was designed to give you room to room control. This is done by connecting the HubSwitch to your heat source, then having a thermostat and radiator head (or just thermostats with a underfloor heating system) in each room or zone. This solution doesn't require any plumbing changes, it controls the radiators and hot water by passes unused radiators to areas you want heat, allowing you to get the most out of your boiler. This will help save you far more energy than just controlling your whole home from one thermostat. You wouldn't control your lights from one light switch, so why control your heating with one thermostat!

Does WundaSmart have a learning mode?

WundaSmart does not and will not support any kind of 'routine learning mode' in the future.

We do not intend to support any kind of learning mode that learns your routine, we want to give you full control to use the system how you like. We have chosen to avoid this kind of functionality as it would mean we would need to store your data on our servers and analyse it, but protecting your data privacy is a large part of our ethos.

WundaSmart has a form of 'learning modes'. Which is optional and totally personal preference. This function does not require data analysis or storage of any personal habits.

this function is 'Adaptive Start', which over a period will recognise your room's heat up time and ensure your room is up to temperature by the start time in your schedule.

Does WundaSmart have a motion sensor?

Unlike other Smart Heating controls that need a lot of energy for LED screens, WundaSmart does not need a motion sensor, as the E-Ink screen is constantly on.

The WundaSmart Thermostat E-Ink Screen can be seen across the room at all times. It has a refresh rate of every 2 - 5 minutes in order to save energy.

Does WundaSmart rely on internet connection?

One of the major unique benefits of WundaSmart is it was made to work perfectly without the internet.

As all your data and information is stored in your hardware and not in the cloud, the system is not reliant on internet access to work.

This ensure you have a reliable system and your data is never at risk.

The only time you will definitely need an internet connection is during the installation so that you can pair the system to your account. After this point, there is no reliance on internet access.

Do I need a specialist installer?

WundaSmart is as quick and easy to install as any external thermostat, boiler programmer or time-clock, simple to use, works with any boiler.

Does WundaSmart support GPS and GeoFencing?

WundaSmart goes further than any other system in it’s capabilities with Geo-Fencing.

As with all WundaSmart's functions, they are entirely optional and it is up to you if you choose to use them.

WundaSmart allows Geo-Fencing for individual users, over individual rooms. Which means it is ideal for families and different people sharing a home with different routines. 

WundaSmart’s Geo-Fencing works on a radius basis and never stores your location or past locations.

Will WundaSmart work in my home that struggles with WiFi?

Yes! WundaSmart has been developed using a unique radio frequency that has an incredible range. WundaSmart will work far beyond any WiFi or Zirgbee radius. WundaSmart will also work in up to 30 rooms, but if you need more you can add another HubSwitch.

If your home struggles with WiFi the only thing you need to consider is that you will need to ensure that you have a good WIFI connection where you place your HubSwitch. This can be achieved using any WiFi extender, such as a Tp link or Devolo system.

Will WundaSmart tell me how much money I’m actually saving in the app?

No, it is impossible for any smart thermostat to measure accurately the amount of energy (KWH) your boiler is genuinely using. If you are interested in this, we advise that along with installing our smart controls you make use of a smart meter to keep tabs of your bills! You will be amazed by the savings.

Do I need Radiator Head Adapters? Will they be sent with my order?

Please check our article ‘do I need radiator adapters’ to find out if you need them, then request them with your purchase or over the phone and we will be sure to include them with your order or send them out free of charge after you receive your goods. We do not send them out as a matter of course as if we did it would end up in a huge waste of plastic, as they are not necessary for most users.

Which countries does WundaSmart work in?

WundaSmart currently works in the European continent, please contact us if you wish to find out more about which countries are supported.