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Yes! If the internet goes down your heating will carry on working within the premises. It will follow the planned schedule through the internal RF signal, but you cannot alter or adjust it using the app. However, you can still use the individual manual controls on each device.

Your user data is safe within your Smart Hub! If you value your privacy and want to be able to choose to keep your Data private, WundaSmart does exactly that. Your App usage and activity is safely stored and locked within your Smart Hub, (Secure and Snoop free).

The best place to position your WundaSmart HubSwitch is next to the boiler, because of the boiler backplate.

Log in to the router and switch Smart Setup OFF. Save the settings and reboot the router (Switch on and off) then try again. This option in BT hub manager is available on desktop and laptop but may not be available on your mobile phone.

50 Radiator Heads (mounted in 30 rooms)

30 Thermostats (30 rooms)

4 Connection Boxes (48 loops)

We do not provide installation of WundaSmart. For the smoothest installation, we recommend hiring a professional electrician or heating engineer to fit your WundaSmart HubSwitch.

2 x AA Batteries

30 Thermostats (30 rooms)

2 x AAA Batteries

30 Thermostats (30 rooms)

2 x AA Batteries

50 Radiator Heads (Managed in 30 rooms per HubSwitch)

Absolutely! You may require one of our WundaSmart Radiator Head adaptors, check the table below to find your radiator valve and the adaptor will be in our Adaptor pack. (1 of each kind is supplied in the Radiator Head Adaptor Pack)

34mm with 4 Adapter Notches
No thread 20mm bzw. 23mm with 4 notches Danfoss-RA Adaptor
Thread M28 x 1.5 to M30 x 1.5
  • Comap
  • Hertz,
  • Markardys
  • Pont a Mousson
  • Remagg
  • Sam bzw
  • Slovarm
  • TA
Deafult M30 1.5" Thread

No, your connection box is hard wired straight to your boiler and powered from the mains power circuit.

4 Connection Boxes per HubSwitch

The WundaSmart Connection Box supports 12 zones (or "loops") per connection box. So long as there is a WundaSmart Room Thermostat for each zone, they can be controlled individually.

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