Smart Radiator Adaptors (pack of 3)

Smart Radiator Adaptors (pack of 3)

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A series of 4 Durable Plastic Adaptors for placing between your radiator's valve, and the WundaSmart Radiator Head.

You may require one of our WundaSmart Radiator Head adaptors, check the table below to find your radiator valve and the adaptor will be in our Adaptor pack. (1 of each kind is supplied in the Radiator Head Adaptor Pack)

34mm with 4 Adapter Notches
No thread 20mm bzw. 23mm with 4 notches Danfoss-RA Adaptor
Thread M28 x 1.5 to M30 x 1.5
  • Comap
  • Hertz,
  • Markardys
  • Pont a Mousson
  • Remagg
  • Sam bzw
  • Slovarm
  • TA
Deafult M28 1.5" Thread



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Now in 2021 following four years of specialist Research & Development we're introducing our range of smart heating controls, WundaSmart. Built on the lessons we learned pioneering Rapid Response® Underfloor Heating we've created a system that offers the ultimate in control, comfort, convenience and efficiency. Reduce your fuel bills and CO2 emissions in the easiest way.


WiFi proof Smart Controls

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